Hotel BRUNO where nothing is what it seems, has no reception, no breakfast no TV and not the spacioust of bathrooms.

Hotel BRUNO a centrally located mini hotel where the best thing to do is sleep or play.

Hotel BRUNO compares to nothing and that can be felt in every room.

Hotel BRUNO a grand house with 6 quirky rooms that take you by surprise.

Hotel BRUNO has a shared fridge where you can store your coolest gear, coffee or tea on the corridor and a vending machine for all your favourite wishes.

Hotel BRUNO has loads of stairs and is unfortunately not accessible for wheelchairs.


By far the best thing to do is wander through Middelburg without a plan and find the most beautiful pearls for your treasurebox

Bar Herberg is owner of hotel BRUNO, about 200 metres away and is the place for your favourite beer, good food, nice wines and the cutest waiters who can help you with all your questions. Pottenmarkt 2 Middelburg +31 (0)118 625539

Vriendschap café restaurant serves fresh, organic and beautiful food, 7 days a week, with vegetables in a leading role. Waiting staff can help you with your Bruno questions as well. Markt 75 Middelburg +31 (0)118 612257

Luuks brood & patisserie, only steps away from Bruno, serves gorgeous breakfast (almost) every day with home baked sourdough bread and brilliant croissants.

kaffee t Hof is the place to see original gigs, listen to extra ordinaty music, good food and a cool audience.

Beautiful vintage clothing:

Eager to wander, ostentatious, shopaholic, cultural minded, gorgeous all by yourself?

Find loads of stuff here:


Hotel Bruno

coffee or tea on the corridor and a vending machine

Hotel Bruno
Varkensmarkt 1
4331 LA Middelburg